How To Order

Browse through our products

  1. Visit the store page and review our products by clicking the product image or title.
  2. We have products images and descriptions that will help you choose the perfect product for you.

Adding products to your Cart

  1. When you have found the perfect product, simply click “ADD TO CART” or “SELECT OPTIONS” to choose the weight of the product; then “ADD TO CART”.
  2. Click the “CART” when you are done shopping.
  3. Make sure to review your order for any unwanted products or discrepancies.
  4. You can remove items by clicking the “X” button.
  5. To Add/reduce quantities, click the  “+” and “-“ buttons beside a product. Click “UPDATE CART”.
  6. Click “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” when you are ready to check out.

Checking out

  1. Make sure to review your billing details, shipping details and order contents.
  2. Before placing your order. You are required to read and accept our terms & conditions.
  3. Choose “PLACE ORDER” when you are done. if your purchase fails, you may need to setup an or log into you ACCOUNT before you can order products.
  4. Check your email for a confirmation letter and process to payment
  5.  We accept the following payment methods Bitcoin, Cardless Cash