Cannabis Infused Choco Peanut Cup


Cannabis Infused Choco Peanut Cup are made of the finest chocolate. A generous dollop of all-natural peanut butter cups deliciously surrounded by Cacao Barry Superieure Chocolate.

  • A generous dollop of all-natural peanut butter cups deliciously surrounded by Cacao Barry Superieure Chocolate.
  • Body-balanced, mentally uplifting effect.
  • 40mg per package, 2x20mg per cup. easy to chop in half . Cannabis flavour strength – 1/10.
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Our cannabis-infused choco peanut cups for sale will surprise even the most hearty eaters

Are you ready to revel in the pleasure of eating cannabis-infused chocolate cups? They are not only delicious but also full of beneficial therapeutic properties. Thanks to a balanced ratio between THC and CBD in their contents, these edibles will give you a euphoric effect while positively impacting your overall health. Thus, you can buy cannabis-infused choco peanut cups to relieve stress, alleviate pain, or reduce the frequencies of muscle spasms and seizures. It is not only safe but also a pleasant way to treat or prevent health disorders.

Make sure to consume these edibles slowly as the effect will come in 60-90 minutes. If you do not have experience with eating cannabis-infused products, we recommend you take no more than 1 peanut cup per day. Please note that there are 2 of them in a package. Each cup contains 20mg of THC, and 40 mg per package consequently. These edibles are made the way you can easily chop them in half.

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Edibles are among the favorite products for both cannabis enthusiasts and those who are new to it. There is hardly anyone who would resist eating sweets, especially if they are full of valuable ingredients. Just imaging how tasty the combination of peanut butter and superior dark chocolate might be. Fortunately, with us, you can easily afford yourself this pleasure as our prices on edibles, as well as other cannabis products are budget-friendly. Stock up on our cannabis-infused choco peanut cups on the cheap to enjoy these delights anytime you want. We bet you will be surprised how delicious the edibles might be.

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