Zombie Kush


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Here’s a strain that can raise the dead and knock them back down- so good AMC will make a show about it that lasts 3 years too long!

Zombie kush is an appropriate name for this unique indica hybrid strain. While it is an indica, it won’t knock you down right away. It will be late, you’ll smoke it, then wonder around like an extra on the Walking dead.


There is a nice body buzz with Zombie Kush, but the most notable effect is the highly active cerebral high with a strong body buzz. Most indica hybrids tend to be the knock-out variety, but Zombie Kush is a nice new strain that’s more balanced than you’d expect.

If you want to buy a strain that will help you sleep, don’t buy Zombie Kush. This strain is perfect for early in the night…start with Zombie then move to a heavier Indica like MKU to finish off your night.

Great nose from this Kush hybrid, it’s a real AAAA strain. This harvest is loaded with trichomes and burns great.

The high gives a nice buzz throughout the body, and a foggy headhigh that will get you walking to the fridge like an extra on the Thriller set.

A very fun high, and very strong. It’s not a knockout like other heavy Indicas, but you don’t want to smoke this while the sun is out

This batch has been well-flushed, leaving a smooth taste that’s easy on the throat.

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