Getting Started with medical cannabis

Green Heal Store is here to assist you

Green Heal Store has been assisting patients with education and access to medical cannabis since we launched Australia’s first locally-grown cannabis medicines in 2018.

Our team is dedicated to helping you and we’ve developed various patient resources to make medical cannabis easier to understand and access.

We’re here to assist you so please contact our team today if you’d like further assistance or clarification on how to access medical cannabis.

How to access medical cannabis / CBD Oil?
Medical cannabis is legal in Australia via a prescription but almost all available cannabis medicines are still considered ‘unapproved products’. This means the pathways to access are different from usual medications and the prescribing doctor will need to take a few additional steps before they can write you a prescription.

Talking to a doctor about medical cannabis

Any doctor can prescribe medicinal cannabis in Australia and they don’t need additional qualifications. However, some doctors may be reluctant due to a lack of training, familiarity or due to the application process involved.

We can assist you in feeling confident to talk to your doctor about this treatment option, to reach out to them with education or to find a doctor comfortable discussing medicinal cannabis (including CBD Oil) with you.

Cost information

The cost of medicinal cannabis to patients can vary greatly and depends on a patient’s condition and their endocannabinoid system, the product being prescribed and if the patient is taking other medications in addition to the cannabis medicines.

Some health insurers are now offering rebates on medicinal cannabis prescriptions and the Australian Government has subsidised one medicinal cannabis product (via the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) for Dravet Syndrome only. This means that the costs for all other cannabis medicines and doctor consults will need to be covered by patients.

If you are considering medicinal cannabis as a treatment option it is important to consider the costs involved.

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