Comatose Indica


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Super Heavy Indica For Sale Online

Comatose is named that way for a reason.

This 90% Indica will take away any pain you may have. Also your sense of time, that’s gone too.

The high is foggy, the morning after is groggy, but seasoned smokers get it. Use caution when smoking comatose, a few puffs can lock you into a couch.

High THC level- 19% with a healthy dose of CBD, 3.8%. It’s a great strain to smoke if you want a medicinal herb.

Comatose is a great strain for people with insomnia, physical aches and pains, as well as depression. The strong sedating effects will relax the mind and body, don’t plan on doing anything after you smoke.

If you are looking for a strong strain of weed, try Comatose at’s today! You’ll be asleep in no time!

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